Sad news

Friday, 17 February 2017 23:47
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I don't actually know how many are active in here anymore (or even watching my journal), who know Laura (or as most of us knew her online Desdmona).

Today she was taken off lifesupport after suffering a heart attack approx. 2 weeks ago. She passed away peacefully, only 2 days before her 45th birthday, leaving behind her three children Kendra, Ari and Leah, and her family.

I'm devastated and heartbroken. She was one of the reasons why I entered fandom back in 2003, always witty, funny, supportive and incredibly creative.

I will always miss her.


Tuesday, 24 June 2014 18:50
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Not a single new post in my friends page for the last 14 days O.o. That's just scary.

Of course, I haven't posted either LOL, but usually other people have at least 'something' to say ;)


Sunday, 27 April 2014 19:56
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Not much going on in my life at the moment (read: nothing)

The job is alright, not stressful at all and physically it's doable for me as well. So all is good, apart from getting up so ridiculously early in the morning, it's not even funny ;) On the other hand, I'm home earlier and can get myself a small nap.

After walking Bastian, naturally. My little crazy French Bulldog. Well, it might be me who's crazy, talking with him and all <.<

Creatively I'm at a low point. I've stopped reading all together *sighs* I just can't concentrate long enough and nothing really seems to catch my interest. And with the old laptop - and hence all my graphics programs - going esplodey, it's not drawing I'm doing either. Of course, that would also require inspiration in the first place, and that's just not there either. It's rather frustrating, having the 'urge' and 'want' to do something creatively, but not the 'drive' and the 'inspiration'.

Oh muse, why hast thou forsaken me...

I hope all are doing well, and that we might bump into each other online some time :)
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So yeah, if you want to save anything from old Asylums on InsaneJournal, now might be the time. From the tone of his post and comments on facebook, I get the feeling that the decision is already made and he's going to auction off old Asylums to highest bidders. Which mostly will be people who are after the name, and not the content

So, Asylum content WILL be deleted and purged in the future.

I'm going to take a look at all the communities I've been in to make sure the maintainer(s) haven't been deleted/purged in any of them. If they have however, I'll see if I can gain maintainership of them. I have a permanent personal account, so they'd never be deleted then ;) Not that I'm going to be active in them, but at least I'll be able to archive them in that case.

After the arrogant and nonchalant way Squeaky handled the 'accidental' deletion and purging of a large amount of active and real accounts in 2012 (in a fight against spam, he set up a program and didn't even properly test it first), and the currently ongoing deletion and purging of 1-year inactive accounts, I'm hardly surprised by this new idea.

Just very sad (and aggravated)


Monday, 27 January 2014 14:15
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Huh... so, being bored at work - not a bad thing, really - seems to have pushed me into writing.

Nothing special really, just playing around with old beloved LoTR characters. But I still managed 1200+ words in half an hour O.O I have to admit though, it's been percolating in my head for a little while, so I more or less knew what I wanted to write when I sat down. That is always a helpful thing :)

Lets see if tomorrow brings the same level of inspiration/productivity. *crosses fingers*
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when you realise you're the only one who hasn't moved on from something that was once loved...
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So... I've been fired from my job and now I have 3 weeks of vacation on my hands. So I decided, I'd do something in regards with the excellent NaNoWriMo challenge.

I decided - with permission from the original author [ profile] tarotgoddess108  to make sketches inspired by her own posts to NaNoWriMo, a homo-erotic novel called Lightfall 3. I'm not entirely happy with the sketches, but I know I have to keep my hands off them after finishing them, or I'll end up in a perfectionist nightmare and keep fiddling with details without moving forward... and not get more sketches done.

I've posted three of them so far on InsaneJournal. I'll keep posting there, but I'll post links to them here. - First sketch - no warnings - Second sketch - NSFW - Third sketch - no warnings

Keep in mind, they're mostly quick sketches (apart from number two) and it's been soooooo damned long since I drew last time with my graphics tablet. It's seriously not as easy as doing it by hand on paper.

Even though I'm focusing primarily on Lightfall 3 as inspiration for the sketches, I'm very open for suggestions if you have other ideas ;) as long as you don't expect more than a basic sketch

ETA: Doh... realised I'd friendslocked the posts on IJ, which is silly. They're unlocked now.

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I know, I know... I've not posten anything for literally AGES (years, at least) and now I just do it to squee.

Squee is better than whining, or ranting, though! :D

The Avengers!!! OMG why didn't I see this at the cinema?? Why Why WHY??

Now I want to see all the movies leading up to this fantastic explosion of an epic movie, and then watch The Avengers again! I'm not embarrassed to admit, I've watched the movie three times within the last 24 hours, and I want to watch it again now.

Soooo many great scenes, fights, great dialogue, extremely Whedon'esque humour and one-lines that have you both go *facepalm* and OMGLMFAO!!!, really really good characterisation and an unexpectedly fantastic balance between the different 'superheroes' and their 'roles' in the group.

I love Hawkeye, even 'bad' Hawkeye. He's just badass. He would kick Haldir's arse, and I adore Haldir! I want a movie about Hawkeye. I can't remember the comics, I was more of a DC reader than a Marvel reader <.<

I love Black Widow, she blows my mind and is like Charlies Angels and James Bond rolled into one. And just when you think there's absolutely no actual humanity left in this super secret badass hero, you see it right there, in her face and reactions. Very, very well played!

Hulk... oh Hulk. I think I've fallen in love with this character all over again after more or less ignoring his last two movies. He's just ... HULK!

Stark is just Stark, our beloved superhero Diva, and I just love how he in a scene starts out describing Loki, realising how similar they are (in some areas) and thus realising Loki's plan!

Agent Coulson *deep sigh* he's my personal superhero, and will always be.

Captain America is EXACTLY as he should be (and now I want to watch the Captain America movie, because I haven't and I'm kicking myself for that!!!!) and I adore how naturally it comes to him to be a hero and a leader, and the stark (hhahahahah) contrast between him and Stark, which in the end works for them.

Thor actually got a bit on my nerves this time, which is odd since I love the Thor movie.... I don't know why, but the best scene with him (for me at least) was when he and Hulk just demolished a huge Alien 'vessel' and they're standing next to each other, and Hulk just knocks him right out of the ballpark with a casual left *smash* (did I mention I love Hulk??? LOL). Alright, I do like him for being somewhat naive and trying to turn Loki back towards the good, which is also extremely in character. He just didn't really capture me this time.

Last, but not least at all, Loki. Oh oh Loki, you poor misguided soul. So much anger and resentment and nowhere to put it, without those little ants of humans and your stupid big brother foiling your well-laid plans again and again! No fair! He made a really good run for it, and for the longest had the 'ants' (humans) exactly where he wanted them. But - like any 'good' villain - got too cocky and didn't really account for one thin...


Best lines:

Thor: He is my brother!
Black Widow: He killed 84 people in two days!
Thor: *mutters* He was adopted.

Pilot: Target acquired... Target engaged.......... TARGET ANGRY!
Hulk: *demolishes fighter plane and uses ejector-seat pilot as bouncy ball*

Loki: I have an army!
Stark: *total deadpan* We have a Hulk.

Hulk: Puny God.
Loki: *whimper* (this really had me gasping from laughter... I'm easy to amuse, I know)

Captain America: Hulk... Smash!
Hulk: *bigass grin*

(you see where this is leading, yeah? HULK just ruled this movie, from behind, sneaksily like an elephant bull in a china shop)

I could go on, but I should consider bed. I'm sorry for longish squee'y post, but I couldn't contain it any longer! LOL

Love you all.
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Thank you so much for all the supportive and loving comments I got a while back to my uber-whiny post. It helped me a lot in the situation and gave me a small morals boost to know so many people care about me out there in the intarwebs ether :)

So much Love, Cookies and Gold stars to all you wonderful people who commented. You know who you are ;)

I feel really bad for not replying to any of you (so no cookies for me), but I at least wanted you to know that it DID make a big difference for me, and that it was deeply appreciated.

I'm still thinking deep thinky thoughts about my future in the company and will likely make a tentative decision in that direction during the next months of spring. My finances hang in the balance here, so it's not a decision to be taken lightly.

Things have improved some though - even if I've worked extremely hard the last couple of weeks and am exhausted - and are not as directly 'stressful' and upsetting as they were before. Still aggravating at some points, but well...

Now I'm tired and will drop into bed and sleeeeeeep (oh, blessed sleep, how I have missed thee) and not get up before my back or shoulders tell me to get the fuck up because it HURTS (yeah, I'm getting to that age where that begins to happen *pouts*)

LOVE YOU ALL, so there :) *smooch*
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I had to make a post for this new icon... I can't stop watching it LOL

Made it myself. You can snag if you want to, just leave a little comment ;)


Friday, 24 September 2010 10:21
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God, it's so wonderful up here. All the trees are dressed in their best autumn colours (we call them the drag queens of Nature ;) ) and the air is just cleaner and crisper in a way you just don't get in Denmark.

I love being here and getting to hang out with [personal profile] ldybastet all the time, and her mum, is fantastic! We've talked so much, my brain simply melts in the evening and insists on switching from English to Danish in silly ways. It would be embarrassing if it weren't so funny :))

And I have to admit, I've been converted to a new and fresh (for me) and still on-going Fandom. Not rabidly so, but Bleach has definitely captured my interest and attention instantly. We've watched nearly 30 episodes so far of the anime series, and I just want to watch the rest as soon as possible LOL.

So I'll be keeping an eye out for Bleach fic/art to feed my inner fangirl even more.

That's not saying that I'm moving away from HP fandom though. I love it and the characters far too much, and still read as much as I can manage.

This is a fantastic holiday so far, and I'm sure it'll stay that way! I still have 3-4 days with the amazing [personal profile] ldybastet and then I have my birthday party coming up!! Can life get much better than that?

Life is Great!

I love you all, my wonderful f-list.


Thursday, 16 September 2010 19:56
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I really need holiday.


In less than two weeks I've basically (almost) done a month's work. o.o I still can't believe I managed it. Apparently I totally rawk at my job :D

And until monday, I hadn't actually and consciously realised that OMG there's only a week more until holiday. LOL shows just how much brain I have at the moment (Imma-Brain = nada)

But yay!!!! In less than a week I'll be on the plane to Sweden for a near-week of fun, laughter, relaxation together with the wonderful [personal profile] ldybastet, I still can't believe it! I'm so bouncy about it, it defies my exhaustion. I'm going to sleep through this weekend to be clear-headed enough to make at least a little bit of sense LOL

I'll try to log onto Y!M tomorrow and all weekend and basically until I sit on the plane and have to turn off the lappie, so we can sort out the last details and just ... hang out, warming up for the visit. Wheeeeee! Sweden and Sweet Bastet. Is there any better way to spend a holiday? (when you exclude watching and perving on obviously hot and nekkid men in hot places serving cool drinks ;)) )

I really can't wait.

And when I get home, I'll get started on preparing the last things (like shopping and COOKING the food for 40+ guests) for my birthday party. I'm looking so much forward to that. It's a great challenge and I get to make food that's been essential for the last year of my life, and will stay essential for the rest of it as well.

40 different dishes. Okay, so it's 40 different kinds of foodstuffs (salads, veggie mixes, oven potatoes, different kinds of meat, different kinds of bread etc etc) to symbolise the 40 kg's I've lost by now since week 42 2009.

So yeah, high ambitions but I have great help and i'm a good cook. I love cooking. I'd do it for a living, if working in a kitchen on a daily basis together with other cooks can and will drive you insane eventually *G*

Anyhoo... that's my life atm.

Love you all :D
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I listened to a man (Simon Steenholm) talk for 2,5 hours last night, and almost everything he said is something I've done subconsciously during the last year, perhaps even longer.

cut for your convenience because omg, rambling teal dears are all over this post )
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I'm back here on Dreamwidth and I'll probably try to use it even O.o. But I'm definitely going to check my f-list every day, just to keep track of you all. And hopefully comment as well, if I have the brain capacity (which is questionable at best lol)

ETA: Even did something I haven't done with LJ for a long long time... I got a paid account. Omg, 100 icons??? *hugs them tightly*

ETA 2: I've dissabled cross-posting to LJ, but I'll keep cross-posting to IJ.
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I imported my fics/drabbles/lame attempts at being funny *g* Mostly to have it all in two places, but also because heck, there might be some who'd like to read it here... some time.

Otherwise, this is a fresh start. Not a running start, but at least a fresh one. I'm not going to update every day, or even every week. But I'm here, and I'll try to do the cross posting thing with DW, LJ and IJ. Just to be sure that ALL read when I finally DO update LOL

There's something about a fresh journal, something untouched, like a nice new diary that still smells of leather and ... paper, and nothing else. And the fact that this 'move' is more driven out of curiousity than necessity, also makes it more appealing.

I hope the few of you I've found yet, and who've found me, are doing all right.

Love you all *smooch*
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CARTOON HUFFLEPUFFS: [chanting and walking in single-file] Pie Iesu domine, dona eis requiem.
CARTOON HUFFLEPUFF: Heh heh heeh ooh...
[twang – A hufflepuff walks onto a plank over a lake ]
CARTOON HUFFLEPUFFS: [chanting] Pie Iesu domine,...
[splash - the Hufflepuff just jumped on the plank and disappeared into the deep waters]
Ho ho. Woa, wayy!
[twang - another Hufflepuff]
Heh heh heh heh ho! Heh heh heh!
CARTOON HUFFLEPUFFS: [chanting] ...dona eis requiem.
[twang - yet another is lost to the Giant Squid]
[twang - and another (are they bloody daft???)]
VOICE: [whispering] Forgive me, for I have sinned.

Do )
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Setting: Sir Ronald and his Minstrels enter a nice and green forest. The minstrels are very nice, playing and singing of their Master's bravery and...errr...entrails?

Entrails....ehmmm...are you serious...entrails? ICK! )