Monday, 10 September 2012

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I know, I know... I've not posten anything for literally AGES (years, at least) and now I just do it to squee.

Squee is better than whining, or ranting, though! :D

The Avengers!!! OMG why didn't I see this at the cinema?? Why Why WHY??

Now I want to see all the movies leading up to this fantastic explosion of an epic movie, and then watch The Avengers again! I'm not embarrassed to admit, I've watched the movie three times within the last 24 hours, and I want to watch it again now.

Soooo many great scenes, fights, great dialogue, extremely Whedon'esque humour and one-lines that have you both go *facepalm* and OMGLMFAO!!!, really really good characterisation and an unexpectedly fantastic balance between the different 'superheroes' and their 'roles' in the group.

I love Hawkeye, even 'bad' Hawkeye. He's just badass. He would kick Haldir's arse, and I adore Haldir! I want a movie about Hawkeye. I can't remember the comics, I was more of a DC reader than a Marvel reader <.<

I love Black Widow, she blows my mind and is like Charlies Angels and James Bond rolled into one. And just when you think there's absolutely no actual humanity left in this super secret badass hero, you see it right there, in her face and reactions. Very, very well played!

Hulk... oh Hulk. I think I've fallen in love with this character all over again after more or less ignoring his last two movies. He's just ... HULK!

Stark is just Stark, our beloved superhero Diva, and I just love how he in a scene starts out describing Loki, realising how similar they are (in some areas) and thus realising Loki's plan!

Agent Coulson *deep sigh* he's my personal superhero, and will always be.

Captain America is EXACTLY as he should be (and now I want to watch the Captain America movie, because I haven't and I'm kicking myself for that!!!!) and I adore how naturally it comes to him to be a hero and a leader, and the stark (hhahahahah) contrast between him and Stark, which in the end works for them.

Thor actually got a bit on my nerves this time, which is odd since I love the Thor movie.... I don't know why, but the best scene with him (for me at least) was when he and Hulk just demolished a huge Alien 'vessel' and they're standing next to each other, and Hulk just knocks him right out of the ballpark with a casual left *smash* (did I mention I love Hulk??? LOL). Alright, I do like him for being somewhat naive and trying to turn Loki back towards the good, which is also extremely in character. He just didn't really capture me this time.

Last, but not least at all, Loki. Oh oh Loki, you poor misguided soul. So much anger and resentment and nowhere to put it, without those little ants of humans and your stupid big brother foiling your well-laid plans again and again! No fair! He made a really good run for it, and for the longest had the 'ants' (humans) exactly where he wanted them. But - like any 'good' villain - got too cocky and didn't really account for one thin...


Best lines:

Thor: He is my brother!
Black Widow: He killed 84 people in two days!
Thor: *mutters* He was adopted.

Pilot: Target acquired... Target engaged.......... TARGET ANGRY!
Hulk: *demolishes fighter plane and uses ejector-seat pilot as bouncy ball*

Loki: I have an army!
Stark: *total deadpan* We have a Hulk.

Hulk: Puny God.
Loki: *whimper* (this really had me gasping from laughter... I'm easy to amuse, I know)

Captain America: Hulk... Smash!
Hulk: *bigass grin*

(you see where this is leading, yeah? HULK just ruled this movie, from behind, sneaksily like an elephant bull in a china shop)

I could go on, but I should consider bed. I'm sorry for longish squee'y post, but I couldn't contain it any longer! LOL

Love you all.


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