Friday, 24 September 2010 10:21
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God, it's so wonderful up here. All the trees are dressed in their best autumn colours (we call them the drag queens of Nature ;) ) and the air is just cleaner and crisper in a way you just don't get in Denmark.

I love being here and getting to hang out with [personal profile] ldybastet all the time, and her mum, is fantastic! We've talked so much, my brain simply melts in the evening and insists on switching from English to Danish in silly ways. It would be embarrassing if it weren't so funny :))

And I have to admit, I've been converted to a new and fresh (for me) and still on-going Fandom. Not rabidly so, but Bleach has definitely captured my interest and attention instantly. We've watched nearly 30 episodes so far of the anime series, and I just want to watch the rest as soon as possible LOL.

So I'll be keeping an eye out for Bleach fic/art to feed my inner fangirl even more.

That's not saying that I'm moving away from HP fandom though. I love it and the characters far too much, and still read as much as I can manage.

This is a fantastic holiday so far, and I'm sure it'll stay that way! I still have 3-4 days with the amazing [personal profile] ldybastet and then I have my birthday party coming up!! Can life get much better than that?

Life is Great!

I love you all, my wonderful f-list.
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