Thursday, 16 September 2010 19:56
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I really need holiday.


In less than two weeks I've basically (almost) done a month's work. o.o I still can't believe I managed it. Apparently I totally rawk at my job :D

And until monday, I hadn't actually and consciously realised that OMG there's only a week more until holiday. LOL shows just how much brain I have at the moment (Imma-Brain = nada)

But yay!!!! In less than a week I'll be on the plane to Sweden for a near-week of fun, laughter, relaxation together with the wonderful [personal profile] ldybastet, I still can't believe it! I'm so bouncy about it, it defies my exhaustion. I'm going to sleep through this weekend to be clear-headed enough to make at least a little bit of sense LOL

I'll try to log onto Y!M tomorrow and all weekend and basically until I sit on the plane and have to turn off the lappie, so we can sort out the last details and just ... hang out, warming up for the visit. Wheeeeee! Sweden and Sweet Bastet. Is there any better way to spend a holiday? (when you exclude watching and perving on obviously hot and nekkid men in hot places serving cool drinks ;)) )

I really can't wait.

And when I get home, I'll get started on preparing the last things (like shopping and COOKING the food for 40+ guests) for my birthday party. I'm looking so much forward to that. It's a great challenge and I get to make food that's been essential for the last year of my life, and will stay essential for the rest of it as well.

40 different dishes. Okay, so it's 40 different kinds of foodstuffs (salads, veggie mixes, oven potatoes, different kinds of meat, different kinds of bread etc etc) to symbolise the 40 kg's I've lost by now since week 42 2009.

So yeah, high ambitions but I have great help and i'm a good cook. I love cooking. I'd do it for a living, if working in a kitchen on a daily basis together with other cooks can and will drive you insane eventually *G*

Anyhoo... that's my life atm.

Love you all :D
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